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September 2015

Hardware Trends and the Emergence of Biometrics
Melany Whalin
While traditional keys aren't obsolete, electronic solutions are becoming an increasingly popular access control solution for architects.

Emerging Technologies: BIM in Construction and Facilities
Thomas Lewis
In addition to Building Information Modeling (BIM), there are a number of emerging and interrelated trends bringing significant changes to the architect, engineering and construction industry. Arguably, BIM is the fuel behind the accelerated growth of these worldwide construction trends.

Designing Door Treatments for Improved Patient Outcomes in Hospitals
Viviane Chan
A number of studies have examined how hospital design and architecture affect patients and healthcare workers, and the results make a compelling case for patient-centered design. This means that doors aren't just doors anymore—they need to be more than just entrance portals or barriers.

Commentary: Who's Going to Fill Their Shoes?
Amanda Wilson
As the construction market has begun to make a comeback, many distributors are expressing a common concern: the lack of experienced, qualified employees to fill the shoes of retiring veterans.

The Age of the Wireless Lock
Jonathan Karacozoff
With wireless locks, commercial hardware has thrust us into the 21st century, thanks in large part to The Internet of Things, where physical things can be centrally controlled.

Commentary: Door and Hardware Dealer Sales Force: A Profitable Growth Strategy
Roger Stempsky
Most door and hardware dealers, distributors, manufacturers, etc., are experiencing some good business times. Regardless of the strength of the current market, we continue to hear the concerns of eroding margins and market competitiveness. So now is the time to be thinking strategically and thinking ahead to build a stronger business for the future.

Mastering Rigid Sill Pan Installation for Commercial Exterior Doors
Paul Majka
Advanced wall system requirements have become increasingly stringent, demanding that exterior drainage and flashing provides greater protection around windows and doors. As a result, codes and standards surrounding flashing requirements have evolved and created the opportunity for new installation methods.


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