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May 2016

The Importance of Product Certification
Mike Tierney
Because builders’ hardware impacts life safety and security, it is one of the few categories of functional hardware that is specified. Each product, when specified and installed properly, can make a significant difference in the event of an emergency.

Thinking Inside the Box: A Primer to Integrated Door Assemblies
Michael Phillips
Specifying and assembling disparate components from various manufacturers into a cohesive working system can be a daunting task, but that is only a portion of that challenge. In the end, the opening must meet the owner’s functional, aesthetic, and security requirements in addition to being compliant with local, state, and national fire and life safety codes.

Fire Door Certification and Labeling: A Retrospective
Justin Biller, P.E., MCP, CFPS
By looking at the historic development of building codes and test standards related to this specific component, it is helpful to determine what has shaped the current fire door industry and better evaluate future trends in listing and labeling provisions.

Fire Doors: Compliance News and Code Requirements
Joseph A. Glaski, MBA, SASHE
This article explains potential problems with fire door operation, explains code requirements, and offers tips on creating a door inspection program.

Hiring a Door/Hardware “Gunslinger”
Carlos Alcantar
Having the right tools and experience is what makes a professional installer a true “gunslinger.”

Fire-Rated Wood Door Frames? Trust Me, They Exist
Cory Hollenhorst
Maybe you already know that you can use wood frames for fire-rated openings, but it seems clear that many people in the industry don’t know that they exist. Others who do tend to have a very limited understanding of them. For that reason, it seemed like a refresher was due.

Understanding Certification Practices and Installation Standards for Fire Door Assemblies
Justin Hendricks
Fire door assemblies, together with fire wall assemblies, serve as an important form of fire protection for the buildings that we live and work in every day. Proper installation and maintenance are essential, because improper practices have inherent risks that can jeopardize the safety of building residents.

Door Security & Safety Foundation Update: Awareness, Education and Advocacy in 2016
Sharon Newport
If you’re not already familiar with the Door Security & Safety Foundation’s education, awareness and advocacy efforts, chances are you will be in the next few months.


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