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Doors & Hardware Magazine

January 2015

Construction Industry to See More Balanced Growth in 2015
Robert Murray, Chief Economist and Vice President for Dodge Data & Analytics, outlines how the economic environment will lift construction
starts in 2015.

Door and Hardware Industry 2015 Forecast
Michael Collins of Building Industry Advisors explains why the recovery of the door and hardware industry has entered its adolescence and what's in store for the industry in 2015.

Distributor Profitability Trends Report Shows Yo-Yo Results
Dr. Albert D. Bates of the Profit Planning Group explains why real profit improvements for distributors are still somewhat illusory.

The Benefits of Pre-Installed (PI) Hardware: How Shifting Installation from the Field to Your Shop Will Save You Time and Money
Scott Wesley of Schiller Hardware explains how to overcome the biggest
hurdle in selling the idea of PI to contractors and your employees.

What Happens Face to Face?
Foster Smith of National Guard Products explains why the best aspect of DHI's annual convention, CoNEXTions, is the people who attend.

Transparent Design: Glass Is Both a Sleek Aesthetic Choice and a Strategic Business Decision
Melissa Evans of DORMA explains why open floor plan offices have become more popular and how glass is an essential design element that blends privacy and collaboration.

Commentary: In Praise of Independent Reps
Mark J. Berger of Securitech explains the importance of the role of independent sales representatives to the history of the door and hardware industry.

Profit Improvement Report: Rethinking the Stretch Budget: Time to Promise Less and Deliver More
Dr. Albert D. Bates of the Profit Planning Group reviews the challenge of stretch budgeting from two perspectives.

The 13-Step Program to Achieving Effective Inventory Management
Jon Schreibfeder of Effective Inventory Management, Inc. explains the key factors to achieving EIM and provides 13 steps to success.




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