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The Cure for Hospital Safety and Security, Ann Geissler Timme, March, pg. 8
Unique Needs of Behavioral Healthcare Door Hardware, James Hunt, AIA, March, pg. 24
Hospital and Healthcare Security Complicated by Volume, Regulatory Constraints, Sheila Stromberg, March, pg. 34
Integrating Access Control into a K-12 “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design” Program, Minu Youngkin, April, pg. 20
Steps for Successful Lockdown Procedures, April Dalton-Noblitt, May, pg. 8
The Rise of the Intruder Function in Classroom Security, Cris Post, May, pg. 14
Smart Access Control Through Z-Wave, Mark Walters, June, pg. 20
Moving Intelligence to the Door, John Fenske, June, pg. 24
How Electronic Access Control Helps Protect High Security Areas, Jeremy Earles, July, pg. 22


Keep Your "I" on BIM, William Lawliss, November, pg. 40


How to Use Business Intelligence to Understand and Grow Your Market, Steve Epner, January, pg. 38
Collective Creativity: Your Greatest Untapped Asset, Jason Bader, January, pg. 50
Disaster Preparedness Beyond Computers, Steve Epner, CSP, May, pg. 52
Should My Business Be in the Cloud? Bill Natalie, June, pg. 40
Disaster Preparedness Beyond Computers, Steve Epner, May, pg. 52
Develop Your Team’s Skills to Ensure Success, Jason Bader, May, pg. 60
How to Gain the Trust of Your Sales Team, Jason Bader, July, pg. 48
A Goal Without a Timetable is Just a Dream, Jason Bader, August, pg. 58
Crossing the Generational Divide: How to Understand and Work with Each Generation for Maximum Success, David Lewis, August, pg. 50
Value Added to Your Customer = Value Added to Your Business, David Sylvester, September, pg. 48
The Benefits of Using Quick-Ship Suppliers, Steve Adams, September, pg. 50
The Challenge of Employee Engagement, Dave Neely, November, pg. 44
Transitioning the Role of the President, Jason Bader, December, pg. 50


Preventative Care: Fire Safety in Healthcare Facilities, Jeff Razwick, March, pg. 16
Anti-Ligature: More than Hardware, Richard Royer, AHC, March, pg. 20
Access Control Capabilities Extended with Wireless Upgrade, Tracey Byer, April, pg. 16
Protecting Valuable Physical Assets in a High-Traffic Setting, Amanda Troise, May, pg. 12
A Time and Labor Saver for Rebuilt Danville Middle School, David Casal, May, pg. 20
King George County Sheriff’s Office, John Johnson, June, pg. 16
Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach Hotel, Jacob Kluger, August, pg. 8
Georgia State University, Jim Stankevich, August, pg. 12
Engineering the San Francisco Exploratorium, Mark Graves, September, pg. 8
Historic Victory Building Retrofits Entrance and Lobby, Jack Shinder, September, pg. 14
Boar’s Head Resort, Jordan Carlton, September, pg. 20
More Options, Less Noise—Pear Tree Estate, Mike Llewellyn, October, pg. 8
Omni Nashville Hotel, John Travers, October, pg. 12
Opening the Door to Cleaner Healthcare Environments, Scott Gardeen, October, pg. 16
Rush University Medical Center, Jim Stankevich, December, pg. 34


Understanding Fire-Rated Framing Requirements, Diana San Diego, January, pg. 26
UL Code Correlation Database: A Valuable Tool for Code Authorities, Designers and Contractors, Howard Hopper, January, pg. 41
Under Development: IBC 2015, John Woestman, January, pg. 42
Decoded: Clear Opening Width and Height, Lori Greene, February, pg. 52
Decoded: Terminated Stops and Door Bottom Seals, Lori Greene, March, pg. 58
Annual Inspection of Egress Doors, Lori Greene, April, pg.48
NFPA 80 Considers Annex Note Clearing Up Framing Confusion
, Diana San Diego, May, pg. 47
Decoded: Key-Operated Locks, Lori Greene, June, pg. 46
Decoded: Use Groups and Occupancy Classifications, Lori Greene, July, pg. 44
Decoded: Calculating the Occupant Load, Lori Greene, September, pg. 56
Decoded: The Fair Housing Act, Lori Greene, October, pg. 46
Six Accessibility Changes to Watch Out For, Lori Greene, November, pg. 18
Decoded: Alterations to Fire Door Assemblies, Lori Greene, December, pg. 56


Zero International Celebrates 90th Anniversary, Elias Wexler, October, pg. 30


CoNEXTions 2014, Interview with John Manes, February, pg. 42
Final Thoughts,
Michael L. Gibson, February 2014, pg. 60
CoNEXTions 2014, Interview with Ron Couch, March, pg. 54
FDAIs Report Progress and Challenges in Hospital Inspections, (several authors), March, pg. 40
Get to Know DHI Canada, Susan Gosney, FDHI, March, pg. 46
CoNEXTions 2014, Interview with Valerie Bevens, April, pg. 42
Final Thoughts, Tim Petersen, April, pg. 56
CoNEXTions 2014 – D&H explores why you should attend the Executive Summit and how this year’s education program appeals to attendees at all career levels, May, pg.
CoNEXTions 2014 Speaker Previews, June, pg. 36
CoNEXTions 2014 Complete coverage begins on page 49, including the schedule at-a-glance, convention highlights, Forum for the Future, SolutionSessions and the exhibition, June, pg. 49
Final Thoughts, Dale Garrett, May, pg. 68
We Asked, You Answered – Results of 2014 D&H Reader Survey, Denise Gable, July, pg. 10
Final Thoughts, Anthony Boatman, July pg. 56
Final Thoughts, Scott Sabatini, August, pg. 64
Closing Thoughts, Jim Wilson and Steve Burman, September, pg. 64
CoNEXTions 2014 Wrap-Up, September, pg. 24
Face-to-Face CoNEXTions, Interview with Laura Wacik, October, pg. 44
Closing Thoughts, Jim Wilson and Steve Burman, October, pg. 3
Introducing Barry T. Shovlin, November, pg. 8
Face-to-Face CoNEXTions, Interview with Michael Gibson, November, pg. 30
Closing Thoughts: Turning Sales Into Profit, Dr. Albert Bates, November, pg. 60
Being Relevant in the Relationship Age, Josh Hallgren, December, pg. 42


Doors of Mexico, Lori Greene, January, pg. 48
Testing and Certification of Interior and Exterior Door Assemblies, Kevin Saito, February, pg. 48
Opening the Door to the Next Stage of Life: Top Door Trends in Senior and Assisted Living, Jacob Kluger, March, pg. 30
Schools Made Safer with Laminated Glazing, Julia Schimmelpenningh, May, pg. 42
Privacy and Vision Control Options for Doors, Nona Peterson, June, pg. 30
What is a Solid Core Door and What Type is Best for My Installation?, Theresa Nuqui, July, pg. 36
Storm Tested, Shelter Approved, Jeff Wherry, September, pg. 40
Specialty Doors: Testing for Tornados, Dan Johnson and Michael Stremmel, September, pg. 44
Moveable Wall Systems Provide Options for Interior Spaces, David Lutz, October, pg. 22
Figured Veneer in Flush Wood Door Faces, Dan Hogan, December, pg. 16
Sliding Door Use on Renovation Projects, David Lutz, December, pg. 26
Sliding Doors Gaining in Popularity: New Trend May Date Back to First-Century Romans, Ginny Powell, December, pg. 38


2014 Spring Technical School a Success, June, pg. 48
Experiencing the Answers: Industry Information and Education, Valerie Bevens, July, pg. 30
2014 Fall Technical Schools Exceed Expectations, December, pg. 30



Hot Issue: Maintaining Fire-Rated Doors, Carol Schram, August, pg. 16
The Effect of Oversized Clearances on Fire Door Tests, Lori Greene, August, pg. 20
Commentary: The Need for Third-Party Inspectors, Gary Flom, August, pg. 24
Commentary: It’s Plain and Simple—Fire Doors Save Lives, Richard Cote, August, pg. 28
Fire Door Inspections, Repairs and Labeling, Jeff Perry, August, pg. 30
How Dated Door Score Tags Can Increase Inspection Awareness, Karl Eklund, August, pg. 34
Commentary: The Enforcement Struggle—What’s an Inspector to Do?
Phil Chandler, August, pg. 36
The Importance of Protective Barriers, Paul Baillargeon, August, pg. 40
In-House Labeling Programs for Fire-Rated Doors and Frames,
John Clancy and Matt Lansdowne, August, pg. 44
Fire and Impact Safety-Rated Glass for Doors: A Simple Explanation, C. Foster Smith III, November, pg. 24


Fire and Impact Safety-Rated Glass for Doors: A Simple Explanation, C. Foster Smith III, November, pg. 24
Fire-Rated Glazing, Hank Krueger, November, pg. 32
Lead with Style: Fire-Rated Glass Doors Open New Design Possibilities, Jeff Razwick, December, pg. 22


Final Thoughts, Mark Hallgren, January, pg. 56
Final Thoughts, John Manes, DAHC/EHC, FDHI, March, pg. 68
Door Security & Safety Foundation Says Thank You to ASSA ABLOY, May, pg. 50
Door Security & Safety Foundation Says Thank You to Hager, June, pg. 38
Door Security & Safety Foundation Says Thank You to The Cook & Boardman Group, August, pg. 48
Door Security & Safety Foundation Says Thank You to Masonite Architectural, September, pg. 22
Door Security & Safety Foundation Says Thank You to LaForce, October, pg. 28


Unique Needs of Behavioral Healthcare Door Hardware, James Hunt, AIA, March, pg. 24
Reflections on 30 Years of School Locking Solutions, Mark J. Berger, May, pg. 24
How Locksmiths Can Be Successful with Electronic Locks, Jeremy Earles, June, pg. 12
How Decorative Door and Hardware Can Be Used in Hospitality Applications, Amy Vigneux, October, pg. 18
Original Hardware: Restore, Replicate or Replace?, Scott Tice, December, pg. 8
Decorative Hardware in Commercial Facilities, Kenny Abell, December, pg. 12


Common Specifying Problems, Ronald L. Geren, February, pg.8
Preparedness for the Door Hardware Installer, Tom Rubenoff, February, pg. 14
Using Paper Templates? Rick Shuford, February, pg. 18
Smart Installation, Jerry Heid, February, pg. 22
20 Tips for Writing a Flush Wood Door Specification, Judy Landwehr, February, pg. 30
Save Time and Money with Knock Down Drywall Elevations, Steve Adams, February, pg. 38
Seven Steps to Specifying the Right Hinge, John Cohrs, AHC/CDC, CCPR, March, pg. 50
Specifying Quality: How Do You Ensure that Owners and Clients Get the Quality They Expect?, Thomas Dunbar, October, pg. 40


2014 Architectural Openings Industry Economic Forecast, Michael Collins, January, pg. 10
Door Market Forecasted to Return to Pre-Recession Levels, Dean Lewis, January, pg. 18
Mid-Year Update: Checking in on Commercial Activity, Michael Collins, July, pg. 12


Faces of DHI, Jeffrey Hochstrate, January, pg. 9
Faces of DHI, Hayley Piro, February, pg. 6
Faces of DHI, Benjamin Gorton, AHC, CSI, March, pg. 6
Faces of DHI, Mary Hinton, AHC, CDT, April, pg. 8
Faces of DHI, David Wood, July, pg. 8
Faces of DHI, Rachael York, August, pg. 6
Faces of DHI, Bobby Stone, September, pg. 6
Faces of DHI, Dan White, October, pg. 6
Faces of DHI, Tim Cox, November, pg. 6
Faces of DHI, DS&SF Scholarship Winners: Hugueley, Daunheimer, Duffett, Gregory, Moore, Pinnow, December, pgs. 6-7




5 Fire and Life Safety Best Practices to Implement Now, Jeff Razwick, January, pg. 20
Door Hardware and Control—And the Protection of Life
, Wil VandeWiel, June, pg. 8
Six Accessibility Changes to watch Out For, Lori Greene, November, pg. 18



Supplier Price Increases Are Your Friend, Dr. Albert D. Bates, February, pg. 46
Watching Sales Growth Go to Waste, Dr. Albert D. Bates, April, pg. 40
Sales versus Expenses: The Ongoing Civil War, Dr. Albert D. Bates, July, pg. 40
Price-Cutting Economics, Dr. Albert D. Bates, October, pg. 36


Why Near Field Communications Will Be Important to Door Hardware Professionals, Jeremy Earles, January, pg. 30
Hospital and Healthcare Security Complicated by Volume, Regulatory Constraints,
Sheila Stromberg, March, pg. 34
The Recipe for Making Schools Safer, Paul Timm, May, pg. 30
The Necessary Rise in Convergence of Physical and IT Security, Dan Stewart, July, pg. 18
How Electronic Access Control Helps Protect High Security Areas, Jeremy Earles, July, pg. 22


Common Specifying Problems, Ronald L. Geren, February, pg.8
20 Tips for Writing a Flush Wood Door Specification, Judy Landwehr, February, pg. 30


Greener Buildings, Greener Manufacturers: Environmental Stewardship in the Door and Hardware Industry, Wil VandeWiel, April, pg. 10
How Manufacturers’ Representatives and Distributors Can Help
Navigate the LEED Labyrinth Norm Jost, April, pg. 2
LEED v4 Promotes a Whole-Building Approach to Sustainability, Aaron Smith, April, pg. 26
Understanding LEED v4 and Opening the Door to Maximum Credit
Qualification, Josh Jacobs and Maria Rutland, April, pg. 30
What Is the FSC® Online Claims Platform? Judy Landwehr, LEED Green Associate, April, pg. 34
Access Control: The Final Frontier for Green Building Technology, Aaron Smith, July, pg. 26


Should My Business Be in the Cloud? Bill Natalie, June, pg. 40
The Necessary Rise in Convergence of Physical and IT Security, Dan Stewart, July, pg. 18


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