DHI - Nominations and Elections

Nominations & Elections for the Board of Governors

Members of the Board of Governors serve a term of staggered three-year terms, which begins on November 1st of each year. Each year, an election is held for the open positions on the board. The current DHI president will appoint a Nominating Committee to serve for a one-year term. The Nominating Committee will review the DHI Strategic Plan to determine the leadership qualities that will be needed to implement the Plan for the ensuing three years. The committee develops profiles of the candidates that will be sought to fill the current vacancies. It is the committee's duty to ensure that the composition of the board broadly reflects the composition of the membership; however, the governors shall not represent any specific geographic area.

A call for nominations is sent to the DHI Chapters with a description of the qualifications sought. The chapters are encouraged to provide numerous candidates for consideration. Individuals interested in serving should notify their local chapter. Individuals can also nominate themselves. A nomination form can be requested from DHI headquarters.

The committee reviews the qualifications of all candidates and compiles a list of those who meet the criteria. A slate is developed consisting of at least one person for each Board vacancy, plus the names of at least two additional candidates. This slate is then sent to all voting members of the Institute for informational purposes. Individuals who do not appear on the slate but wish to be included on the ballot can submit a completed nomination form with the signatures of 5% of the voting members in order to be placed on the ballot.

By August 1, a ballot is mailed to each voting member. Included in this mailing is a brief description of the qualifications of each candidate, along with a statement by the candidate of his or her goals if he or she is elected. The results of the election are announced through official DHI communications, such as The Plan Room newsletter.

Qualification guidelines for the Board of Governors are available from DHI headquarters (See also Article V of the Bylaws).