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Door and Hardware Institute
14150 Newbrook Drive, Suite 200
Chantilly, VA 20151-2232
P: 703/222-2010
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Who’s Who at DHI

DHI Board of Governors

DHI Canada Staff and Board of Directors

DHI Past Presidents

Door Security & Safety Foundation

Management Team

Jerry Heppes, Sr., CAE
Chief Executive Officer

Direct: 703/222-0972
Strategic direction, policy, finance, governance, organizational relationships, and staff management.

Stephen R. Hildebrand, FDHI
Executive Vice President

Direct: 717/859-5905
Strategic business and revenue development, brand and value awareness, and strategic marketing initiatives.

Sharon Newport
Director of Operations

Direct: 703/766-7009
Operations planning and management, including oversight of communications and services to membership.

Ann McCrady, M.Ed., CPL
Director of Education

Direct: 859/380-3022
Education strategic initiatives, including content development and delivery methods.

Greg Drake, AHC, FDAI, CSI
Director of Certification

Direct: 830/625-2727
Manages credentialing and certification programs.

Julie Walter
Director of Events

Direct: 703/766-7036
Events planning and management, and logistics for Annual Conference, DHI schools, board meetings, committee meetings, and staff events.

Kathleen Fite, CPA
Director of Finance

Direct: 703/766-7003
Financial administration and reporting, budget development and investments management.

Chuck J. Molina
Chief Technology Officer/Director of Information Technology

Direct: 703/766-7008
Information technology strategic planning, management and administration.

Catherine Cohen
Executive Assistant

Direct: 703/766-7012
Supports management team and volunteer leadership.

Coordinated by Stephen R. Hildebrand, FDHI, Executive Vice President

Ann McCrady
Director of Education

Direct: 703/766-7015
Education strategic initiatives, including content development and delivery methods.

Greg Drake, AHC
Director of Certification

Direct: 830-625-2727
Manages credentialing and certification programs.

Hanne Sevachko
Education Manager

Direct: 703/766-7034
Manages education and certification programs as well as education business development.

Amee Patel
Education and Certification Services Coordinator

Direct: 703/766-7025
Chapter education and in-house training programs, online education, certification exam coordination.

Member and Chapter Relations
Coordinated by Sharon Newport, Director of Operations

Jackie Bessette
Membership Development Manager
Direct: 703/766-7021
Corporate membership and chapter development.

Paige (Purdum) Horton
Membership and Chapter Relations Manager

Direct: 703/766-7019
Individual membership recruitment and retention, chapter support.

Member Services
Coordinated by Sharon Newport, Director of Operations

Kara Burgess
Member Services Manager

Direct: 703/766-7029
Manages Member Services, technical literature fulfillment, events registration, and classified advertising.

Marie Favicchio
Member Services Associate

Direct: 703/766-7020
Member services support, events and education registration support, database support.

Coordinated by Julie Walter, Director of Events

Alexandra D'Imperio
Events Planner

Direct: 703/766-7026
Event planning for conventions, expositions, meetings and schools.

Coordinated by Sharon Newport, Director of Operations

Denise Gable
Publisher/Managing Editor

Direct: 703/766-7018
Publisher and Managing Editor of Doors & Hardware magazine, IndustryWatch e-newsletter, and all other DHI publications including education, convention and membership communications.

Molly Long
Advertising Manager

Direct: 703/766-7014
Display advertising for Doors & Hardware magazine, convention program; interactive advertising for website, and IndustryWatch e-newsletter.

Tony Shivers
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Direct: 703/766-7013
Implements and supports marketing and communications initiatives.

Finance and HR
Coordinated by Kathleen Fite, CPA, Director of Finance

Jennifer Denner, CPA
Staff Accountant

Direct: 703/766-7002
Supports financial maintenance and reporting.

Cathy Milchak
Accounting Assistant

Direct: 703/766-7004
Accounts receivable and financial maintenance and reporting.

Tina Cole
Human Resources and Payroll Specialist
Direct: 703/766-7007
personnel, payroll and health insurance administration

Information Technology
Coordinated by Chuck J. Molina, Chief Technology Officer/Director of Information Technology

Stanley Song
Information Technology Specialist

Direct: 703/766-7006
Database, systems technician, and IT support.