DHI - About

2012 Strategic Plan Statement

The Door and Hardware Institute (DHI) represents the non-residential, architectural openings industry. With ancestry dating back to 1934, the Institute has over 4000 members in North America and abroad. Membership consists of manufacturer, distributor, and sales representative companies, as well as individuals and credentialed consultants, and industry stakeholders such as design professionals, building code officials, and facility managers.

In March 2012, DHI’s Board of Governors released their preferred vision of the future for the Institute and its members, comprised of five simple statements:

By 2017 DHI.....

  • Has simplified DHI’s educational program to make it more available, affordable, and user-friendly
  • Has demonstrated that DHI’s certifications are relevant to the industry and its customers
  • Has clearly defined and communicated DHI’s value proposition to its members and targeted audiences
  • Has updated DHI’s membership structure to allow broader and deeper penetration and influence in our target markets
  • Has facilitated expansion of DHI members into emerging markets and technologies

The DHI brand is recognized throughout the industry for the exceptional value proposition it provides. At DHI we EDUCATE, ADVOCATE, and FACILITATE for the industry.


  • Providing technical, industry issues, and related business management training
  • Regardless of an individual’s career path and goals or position within the industry
  • Whether simply for personal skills development or pursuit of certification


  • Creating demand for our industry members’ expertise with construction industry stakeholders
  • Monitor and influence related building codes and standards, and government legislation that impacts our industry members


  • Conducting events that bring our distribution channel members together to do business better